13 May 2012

The Circle of Life: Three Decades of Motherhood

Some say that if we do not learn from history, we're doomed to repeat it.  We say: Sold.

Mom and Big Bro, circa 1983.

 Mom and Big Bro's Baby,  2012.
Happy Mother's Day to Rooster's Mom...

Mom and the kids, 1983

Mom and Emery, 2011
 And Happy Mother's Day to Ado's Mom!!

*Ado and the Rooster wish to make clear that their respective Mother's Day wishes extend to the Mothers of each other, in equal extent and effect, as if set out at length herein.  

09 May 2012

41% of West Virginia Democratic Voters Prefer an Incarcerated Felon to Barack Obama

Very few folks on the conservative side will acknowledge that any part of the virulent opposition to Pres. Barack Obama has to do with race.  However, West Virginia Democratic voters apparently did not get the memo advising their right-winger brethren to conceal their race hate. 

The Washington Post reports that in a Democratic primary on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, convicted felon Keith Judd (pictured below), who is currently serving more than seventeen years for extortion in a federal prison in Texas, took 41% of the vote, about 72,000 votes.  Obama received ~106,000 votes.

Keith Judd, possibly accompanied by his pet ferret.

Although I did not attempt to reach Mr. Obama for comment, I'm sure he's not mad at West Virginians.  While we can't see Mr. Judd's pearly whites in the above photo, my suspicion is that he may have a few missing chompers.  As WV leads the nation in per-capita tooth loss, with over 42% of its residents aged 65+ having had all of their natural teeth extracted, I can see how this shared interest with WV voters might create a workable platform for the dirtbag above.  

If the guy is not missing teeth, then the Post's attribution of the result to prejudice (2 in 10 white voters actually acknowledged that race played a part in their vote-- meaning that another 4-6 in 10 kept quiet at the exit polls) may be correct.  Only time and an open-mouth shot of Judd will tell.